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Feeding Avery Families: Empty Bowls

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Feeding Avery Families: Empty Bowls

Kyle Ingram

Every year, Avery High School participates in an event called 'Empty Bowls'. Empty Bowls is an amazing event that brings both high schoolers, art, and service together to serve a wonderful cause! All the art classes in our high school take two days to make as many beautiful bowls as they can! Last year, I got to participate in the bowl making process. Our goal is to make bowls that are beautiful, or quirky, or interesting so people coming to the Empty Bowls service event later can bid on them. These bowls are then fired in the kiln, glazed, re-fired, and donated to Feeding Avery Families. After this, local churches and community members alike will donate drinks, food, desserts, bread but most importantly...soup! Typically this event is held in the fall or winter at a local well known church or country club. Everyone is welcome to come and help or eat! The food is free, but donations are excepted through buying a bowl the high schoolers make! It's a great project for everyone to participate in and everybody who participates feels glad they did! All profits go to buying food for the needy families and whatever bowls don't sell that year are used again in next year's event.