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The Eliminate Project


Thanks to Kiwanis International’s partnership with UNICEF, The Eliminate Project is eradicating Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus, or MNT, from the earth. The fatal disease is contracted from unsterile medical tools and surrounding conditions during birth. It causes extreme pain, sensitivity, and convulsions for newborns, and can be deadly for mothers as well. On average, one baby dies every nine minutes from this terrible disease. That’s 60,000 babies every year, all lives that could be saved.

This is where Kiwanis has stepped in.  Immunizing 129 million mothers and their future babies is a big goal, but it’s an achievable one with your help. It costs just $1.80 for three doses of a vaccine to immunize mothers and their babies. There are 31 countries that have officially eliminated MNT, and the number is climbing. With the combined efforts of Kiwanis International, UNICEF, and supporters like you, The Eliminate Project will end Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus for good. 

The Carolinas District of Key Club is making an incredible impact on this important project. Every year, Key Clubs across the Carolinas District donate their time and efforts into fundraisers that produce great donations to this campaign. The following are just a few of the clubs who made substantial contributions to the project. Thank you to the outstanding clubs who participate and to all Key Clubbers promoting and supporting our fight against such a terrible disease!

Cape Fear - $625.00
Terry Sanford - $625.00 
Ronald W. Reagan - $550.00 
Cedar Ridge - $500.00 
CD Owen - $500.00 
Parkland - $457.50
Berkeley - $450.02 
Wake Forest - $433.33 
Myers Park - $400.00 
Croatan - $377.80 
RJR - $350.00

Hickory Ridge - $2,800.00 
Avery County - $2,625.00 
Jay M. Robinson - $1,780.89 
Matthews/S. Charlotte - $1,265.00 
Green Hope - $1,200.00 
Corinth Holders - $1,100.00 
Ravenscroft - $1,000.00 
St. Stephens - $850.00 
Ridgecroft - $845.63 
Bartlet Yancey - $714.00 
Mount Tabor - $650.00 
Panther Creek - $627.04 

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