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International Convention

for International Convention 2017!

International Convention, most commonly referred to as ICON, is the largest event on the Key Club International calendar. Key Club members from across the globe gather annually to meet, learn, and most importantly, have fun! 

The 2017 International Convention will be held in San Antonio, Texas. We hope you will join us on a summer adventure of a lifetime! The Carolinas District is offering an amazing Key Club International Convention tour, full of excitement and includes the road trip of a lifetime! Chances are you’ll never have an opportunity again to do so much with a group of your peers while also learning more about service, leadership, and fellowship.

What is International Convention?

    The Key Club International Convention, or ICON for short, is a huge gathering of Key Clubs all over the nation. This is a time where members are given the chance to learn, become stronger leaders and Key Clubbers, make new friendships, experience new things, and have fun!  The location of International Convention rotates each year, and this year, we will be in San Antonio, Texas.

    But the fun does not stop with the convention, join the Carolinas for an adventure across the southeast to the bustling city of San Antonio, Texas. Read on to learn about this exciting trip of a lifetime!

    ICON Photo_1.jpg

    Sunday, July 2 - Monday, July 3
    Meet at our designated location in the Charlotte, NC area on Sunday afternoon to check in and meet new friends.  Bright and early on Monday the adventure begin! We will spend the day traveling to Monroe, LA. Use the time to relax or get to know new friends.

    Tuesday, July 4
    We will start our morning by visiting the famed Duck Dynasty home before continuing our road trip towards Dallas.  Once arriving at the hotel and having some pool time, we will head to see the Texas Rangers v. Boston Red Sox and 4th of July fireworks!

    Wednesday, July 5
    Starting this morning we will step back in history by visiting Dealey Plaza and the Book Depository Museum.  After solving the JFK conspiracy theory, we will depart for San Antonio and the start of the International Convention!

    Thursday, July 6 - Saturday, July 8
    Official convention activities continue through Saturday. At the convention, you will attend dynamic general sessions, informational workshops, candidate debates, and an exciting service fair! You will also be in charge of electing the new officers of Key Club International. There will be motivational speakers, entertainment, and almost 3 full days of excitement…lots to take back to make your club stronger. 

    Sunday, July 9
    We will continue our road trip with a stop in Houston at the Johnson Space Center.  Our next stop in our trip will be New Orleans, LA!  Upon our arrival, we will take a carriage tour through the streets and haunts of New Orleans!  

    Monday, July 10
    Take in the sights in New Orleans including the French Quarter, Jackson Square and the famed Cafe du Monde for delicious beignets.  With a city rich in history, there are plenty of sights to see and delicious food to try!

    Tuesday, July 11
    Sadly, all good things must come to an end. On Tuesday, we will depart our hotel for a day of leisurely travel back to the Charlotte, NC area. We hope you’ve enjoyed this truly full week of fun and excitement!

    Why should you attend?

    Other than exploring and visiting the attractions of Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and New Orleans, attending the International Convention is an amazing chance to learn more about our organization, to build and strengthen leadership skills, to make new bonds and friendships with members across the nation, to be involved with the selecting of the International Board, and to have fun doing it all!

    For only a price of $999 for students and $1,399 for adults, you get all of this and more!

    Come join us this summer for an unforgettable week on the Carolinas District Tour to the International Convention!