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Treasurer's Page

Treasurer’s Page


District Treasurer - Raghav Chari

Dear Carolinas District Key Club, 

I am so excited to share with you all this site! My name is Raghav Chari, your Carolinas District Treasurer. In addition to serving as your District Treasurer, I am also a Junior at Panther Creek High School. As District Treasurer, I assist with the dues-paying process for Key Clubs clubs throughout the Carolinas! I also work with delinquent clubs, suspended clubs, and inactive clubs while providing resources to help them resolve their suspension so that they can regain their club status. My HUGE project this summer was the District Growth Initiative. Currently, about 25% u the High Schools in North and South Carolina have Key Clubs. While this is an impressive number, this 25% has remained stagnant for the past decade. The District Growth Initiative was created to do something about this and encourage more Key Clubs to be chartered. Through this initiative, I have worked hard to create multiple resources and guides that explain how to charter new clubs and consistently work with Lieutenant Governors to charter them. The goal of this initiative is to inspire the growth of the Carolinas District Key Clubs and ultimately spread our passion for service to schools that lack a Key Club.  A lot of progress has been made towards club growth as well as successful dues payment throughout the Carolinas District. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at