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Tissue Boxes for Teachers

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Tissue Boxes for Teachers

Kyle Ingram

 It started out with just a simple concept inspired by our Lieutenant Governor, Sara Baker. Together, we noticed that right before flu season our teachers were running out of tissue boxes. Although they may seem simple, in reality tissue boxes are a classroom necessity that students have begun to expect. But the problem is that once December rolls around teachers usually have run out of the boxes they purchased at the beginning of the year. Since teachers are given a certain amount of money that they have to buy classroom goods all year round, a problem arises once this money runs out: these teachers have to take money out of their own pocket to purchase classroom goods. The Tissue Box Project allowed teachers not to have to buy boxes, but instead simply receive them from Wando's Key Club. 

Once we notified a need, we set forth in gathering all the tissue boxes necessary. Over three weeks we worked through Key Club to collect as many tissue boxes as possible. Through the work of our "Key Clubbers" we were able to collect over 311 boxes. That is over three boxes per Key Club member at Wando! Additionally, we were able to provide one tissue box for every Wando Teacher and two tissue boxes for every Wando Administrator. In the future, we hope to be able to expand this effort even further to have over two boxes for each teacher. Hopefully, The Tissue Box Project can become a Wando Key Club staple! 

Once we had collected all the boxes, we began to deliver them. Through the hard work of our Key Clubbers we were able to deliver all of the tissue boxes to the teachers- something that is a lot harder than it looks on our ¼ mile campus. The reaction from teachers was unbelievable; it was like Christmas had come early and all their wishes were met. 

Overall, The Tissue Box Project was a huge success. As a Key Club, we felt very proud to have such a large effect on the Wando Community.