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Spotlight on Service Blog

Woof Woof, Who's Doing Service?

Anjali Venkat

In the past year, Harnett Central High School did an amazing and creative service project for a local animal shelter. The club helped by making dog toys for the shelter. The process is very simple. The club asked their members to donate old T-shirts for them to cut up. You then, cut off the sleeves and then cut six, one-inch strips up near the collar. Then, you make a knot at the top where the collar is and then cut the collar off as well. With the strips, you braid it to the end and then knot them. As the club says, this project is very simple and helps out the local animal shelter. Your club can do something like this to help the local animal shelter or some other type of gift for other organizations in your community! I hope this inspires a project in your club!