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"Food Bank Fun"

Spotlight on Service Blog

"Food Bank Fun"

Anjali Venkat

How can you help your local community grow and succeed? Spend a day at your local food bank much like these Key Clubbers from Charlotte! 

Key Clubbers from South Charlotte Homeschool spent a day at the Second Harvest Food Bank and made a huge difference. What is the Second Harvest Food Bank? The Second Harvest is a non-profit organization that aims to find, fix, package and distribute various goods and materials for those in need. These items can range anywhere from paper towels, candles, bottled water to batteries. As a non-profit organization, they depend on the contributions and donations of charitable benefactors and volunteers to help them achieve their goal. Who fits this role better than Key Clubbers? 

These Key Clubbers were in charge of package inspections; their job being to search through the organized boxes of donations and make sure everything was properly categorized and that nothing was damaged. If an item was damaged, they would mend, tape, fix, or replace as needed. Second Harvest has become an annual service project for the South Charlotte Homeschool Key Club, and the organization is one of their favorites to work with. 

Almost every city or community has a food bank and every Key Club has the ability to go out and help organizations like the Second Harvest Food Bank thrive and donate to the less fortunate. Contact your local food banks or similar organizations to truly make an impact on your community and being able to feel the difference you made in someone's life.