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Shake Rattle & Roll

Fill your water bottles!

Collect spare change from around your house and fill a water bottle for the Boys and Girls Homes. We want our Fall Rally motivational session to be loud and energetic...and you can be a big help! We want every Fall Rally attendee to come prepared with a water bottle filled with coins for the Boys and Girls Homes. 

Find an empty water bottle, soft drink bottle, Gatorade bottle, etc. (Ones with a bigger opening work the best for fitting coins inside.) Please wash the bottle with cold water first!

Get coins from your dress, coat pockes, family and firends. Tell them their coins are going to children in need. Collect at least one half of one empty bottle. Bring the your bottle to Fall Rally to make as much noise as possible! Then, we'll collect the coins as your enter the park and add up the donations for the Boys & Girls Homes!

Show your spirit Carolinas!