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Running for District Office

Running for District Office

Are you looking for a way to become more involved with Key Club International? A position on the Carolinas District Key Club Board could be the perfect place for you! As part of the Carolinas District Board, candidates may serve as Lieutenant Governors or as a part of the Executive Board, composed of the District Governor, District Secretary, District Treasurer, and District Editor. Each of these offices provides the chance to work in depth with Key Club International and build the Carolinas District while developing leadership skills and character.  

Lieutenant Governors

Lieutenant Governors are elected by majority vote in Divisional Caucuses before District Convention each spring. If elected, a Lieutenant Governor presides over a geographic division of Key Clubs in the Carolinas District, usually encompassing three to eight schools. General responsibilities of Lieutenant Governors include producing a monthly divisional newsletter, conducting club officer training, communicating between the district and club levels of Key Club, attending district and divisional events, and serving on District Committees.

Executive Offices

Executive Offices include the positions of District Governor, District Secretary, District Treasurer, and District Bulletin Editor.

  • District Governors are responsible for the general operations of the District and the District Board. Responsibilities include serving as a liaison between the district and international levels of Key Club, communicating with other Kiwanis family members and leaders, training district officers, producing a monthly newsletter, and presiding over district functions and events in partnership with the District Administrator.
  • District Secretaries are in charge of communicating within the District Board, maintaining district records, producing a monthly newsletter, assisting the District Governor, and taking official minutes of all district events.
  • District Treasurers work to monitor district finances, reports, and dues collection. They are also responsible for producing a monthly newsletter and working directly with Club Treasurers and club finances.
  • District Editors coordinate, edit, and distribute district publications. Responsibilities include social media management, the production of a monthly newsletter, and district website maintenance.

For more information on the expectations and responsibilities of district officers, view the 2018-2019 candidate's packet for district officers installed at the 2018 District Convention in March: 2018 Candidates Packet

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