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Past District Officers 1

Carolinas Key Club History

Past District Administrators

Past International Officers

1949-55 Frank Snyder
1955-58 George Vosler
1958-61 Burlie Peeler, Jr.
1961-63 James Brady, Jr.
1963-64 Archie Walker
1964-66 James Brady, Jr.
1966-69 Donald Winecoff
1969-70 William Bridgen
1970-72 James Brady, Jr.
1972-75 John Loren Brown
1975-77 William Edwards
1977-80 Alvin Warren
1980-81 R.B. Goforth
1981-87 David Vaughan
1987-92 Dennis Sharpe
1992– Present J. Scott Johnson


2000-01 Liz Loftis, Trustee
2001-02 Caitlin Strauss, Trustee
2002-03 Caitlin Strauss, Trustee
2003-04 Saiyani T. Mukombe, Trustee
2006-07 Amanda Weatherly, Trustee
2007-08 Caroline Noland, Trustee
2008-09 Anyssa Black, Trustee
2009-11 Will Robinson, Trustee
2010-11 Ashley Williams, Trustee
2013-14 Alberto Berrizbeitia, Trustee