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District Convention

District Convention

District Convention 2018 will be held from March 16th-18th at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Durham, NC. Join us for a celebration of service!


District Convention, commonly referred to as DCON, is a three-day annual convention held at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Durham, NC. The District Convention and Leadership Conference serve several purposes:

  • To recognize Key Clubs and individuals for outstanding service during the year.
  • To build enthusiasm and motivate membership.
  • To educate and inspire Key Club members.
  • To train new Key Club officers.
  • To elect new District officers and conduct the business of the District.
  • To share ideas, projects, and experiences with hundreds of Key Club members.
  • To have lots of fun!


Registration Requirements

This year, all registration will be done electronically. The registration packet will answer any questions you may have about the registration and payment process, and it also provides all necessary forms for you to complete other than the Annual Achievement Report and the registration roster form, which you must also complete.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact your division's Lieutenant Governor or the District Convention registration email ( 


Elections and Candidates

If you love Key Club, you might find yourself wondering how you can get involved beyond the club level. If you would like to serve on the District Board with other motivated Key Club members from all across North and South Carolina, District Convention is the time to run! The positions that will be elected at District Convention will be one Governor, one Secretary, one Treasurer, and up to thirty-six Lieutenant Governors. For more information on what these positions entail and how to run, take a look at the elections and candidates' packet.

For any of the first four positions above, you must announce your candidacy at the candidates' meeting on Friday. If you wish to be a Lieutenant Governor, more information will be provided about how to run later at District Convention.


Convention contests

Contests at Convention aim to recognize clubs for their hard work over the course of the past year and also to have a bit of fun. Recognitions range from a large amount fundraised for a preferred charity to awards for the overall most successful clubs, while more fun contests like the scrapbook contests and talent contest are also held. For a brief overview of these contests, check out the contests packet. Forms for district-only contests can be found in that contests packet, while all other contest forms can be found on the right-hand bar under the heading "All Contest Forms."

Please note that some contests need to be mailed in advance to be judged while others should be turned in at registration. The deadline for all contests can be found within the contests packet.