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What is District Convention?

Anjali Venkat

Many of you Key Clubbers are probably wondering, what is DCON? Why is my Lieutenant Governor talking about this? Why should I go? These are all very important questions and here are all the answers.

District Convention, commonly known as DCON, is the time of the year where all Carolinas Key Clubbers come together in Durham, North Carolina to learn, meet new friends, elect the next year's leadership and have fun. With dynamic workshops for officers, general members and candidates, the convention provides an opportunity for all to learn and grow as Key Clubbers and leaders. With fun sessions like the Talent Show and the Service Olympics, Key Clubbers are able to express their talents and skills in all sorts of ways. Key Clubbers who also aspire to become strong leaders in their community and on a larger scale can run for Lieutenant Governor or even a District Executive position. The opportunities are endless at District Convention! For just one weekend, this event is packed with great experiences. Be sure that you clear your schedules for the weekend of March 13-15!

Remember to be sure to keep a lookout on the front page for Registration forms! For now, check out the District Convention page for even more information! The Carolinas District hopes to see you there in a couple of months!

Reminder: Regional Meetings are Soon!

Regional Meetings 

Make sure to keep in touch with your Lt. Governor regarding your Regional Meeting; for most of you, it's less than a week away! Each meeting, unless noted otherwise, will be held on the February 15. Regional Meetings are irreplaceable opportunities for you to run for or elect a new Lt. Governor for the 2014-2015 Key Club year; hear more about upcoming events, such as District and International Convention; learn about our Key Club service projects; and collect ideas to make a difference in your home, school, and community. Ideally, each club would send their advisor and at least two club members. However, the meetings are designed for everyone in your club to attend.

Please take advantage of this great chance to meet clubs from your division and region, get your club more involved on the district level, and possibly become a Lt. Governor yourself! If you are responsible, willing to devote your time and effort, and passionate about strengthening your communication and leadership skills, please consider running for Lt. Governor. Commitment forms can be found under the "About Us," - "Running for District Office" tabs, and your Regional Meeting location and time are listed under the "Events" - "Regional Meetings" tabs.

Interested in learning more about running for district office? Check out our Running for District Office page here!

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Lt. Governor!


District Convention Early Bird Deadline is Soon!

Kate Townsend

Are you interested in attending our 2014 District Convention? This fantastic opportunity to motivate your club, strengthen your service, and train your officers is coming up quick, so please remember to register for this March 21-23 convention! 

To receive the lowest possible rate, please send your registration materials by the Early Bird date of February 12th. However, if your club simply cannot meet this deadline, all materials must be turned in by February 26th due to a first-come, first-serve basis. There will be a slightly higher registration fee ($10 extra per registrant.) 

Although the basic Early Bird registration rate is $179 per student and $195 per advisor, there are a myriad of incentives for your club. Your freshmen members can attend for only $155 each, and with four non-freshmen attendees, your advisor can attend for free! Moreover, with at least twelve attendees of any age, your advisor as well as one additional Kiwanis or faculty advisor can attend for free! 

For in-depth information please see the 2014 District Convention Registration Packet or visit the District Convention portion of this website. 

This will be a wonderful experience for your club, and we hope you can join us in March for this fantastic event! 

Kiwanis Family Conference: A Memorable Weekend!

From November 1 to November 3, members of the Kiwanis Family gathered in Black Mountain, North Carolina for the annual Kiwanis Family Conference. The Carolinas District welcomed Kiwanis members, Circle K members, and Key Club members from all over the United States to the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly Center for a packed weekend of Kiwanis Family bonding. 

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