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2019 International Convention: The Balti-MORE the Merrier

Gaby Tucker

The rush when you finally get to ride Verbolten at Busch Gardens, the delicious taste of Maryland crab, and meeting the friends of a lifetime, is only weeks away!

This year, the Carolinas Key Club will go on the trip of a lifetime to the 2019 International Convention in Baltimore, Maryland and our annual District Tour from June 29 - July 7. For over a week, we will visit breathtaking art museums, two thrilling amusement parks, a Washington Nationals baseball game, Mount Vernon, and D.C. monuments. If all of that wasn’t enticing enough, at International Convention you will meet Key Clubbers from across the world, elect the 2019-2020 International Board, hear from amazing professional speakers, attend thrilling leadership modules, and even go to a dance! At the convention, each member will have the distinct honor of representing our district and clubs as we propose our new amendment at House of Delegates!

If you are registered, please continue checking your email for trip updates and be sure to mail in your required forms so that they arrive by June 15!