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What Can A Lieutenant Governor Do For You?

Sara Pinkowski

Lieutenant Governors are student leaders who serve the Carolinas District by assuming the position of a liaison between individual Key Clubs and the Carolinas District.

The Carolinas District Board is comprised of not only four executive officers but also 34 Lieutenant Governors who represent the 34 divisions within our district. Every club belongs to a division.

The work of a Lieutenant Governor is essential to the success of our clubs and District. Their responsibilities revolve around uniting their divisions through service, promoting District Events to their clubs and members, and training club officers and providing advisors with resources for club growth and activity.

So, how can a Lieutenant Governor be a vital resource to you and your club?

Lieutenant Governors are responsible for:

  • Providing monthly informational newsletters

  • Training club officers by holding a Club Officer Training Meeting

  • Holding regular Presidents' Council Meetings to address questions and concerns

  • Visiting club service projects and meetings

  • Uniting the Kiwanis Family by facilitating K-Family Interactions

  • Promoting and providing resources to facilitate annual dues collection

  • Collecting new contact information in order to upkeep regular communication and circulation of resources with officers and advisors

  • Holding a division-wide service function to increase club unity

  • Sharing knowledge and information gained through District Board Leadership Experiences

A new board of Lieutenant Governors is elected each year at District Convention. In the weeks following their election, the newly installed student leaders will begin reaching out to their clubs using contact information compiled by their predecessor.

It is crucial to make sure your club's contact information is shared with your new divisional leader, as they will be providing your club with all of the aforementioned resources and opportunities throughout the year.

The Carolinas District Board experience is one which offers young servant leaders the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and participation in Key Club through service to their division, District Board Leadership Experiences, and unforgettable member experiences including International Convention.

Interested in running for Lieutenant Governor at this year’s District Convention? Check out the complete list of Lieutenant Governor responsibilities and opportunities in the candidates packet on the District Convention Page.