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Happiness and Hospitals: September Partner Spotlight

Sara Pinkowski

Have you ever wondered how to reach out or open up to loved ones, how to provide support and advice to others, or how to get the mental health conversation started and tear down stigmas about mental health in your community?

This month, the Carolinas District Partners and Sponsors Committee has decided to showcase two Key Club International Partners, the first of which is Project Happiness.

Project Happiness is a nonprofit organization that revolves around helping others find happiness within themselves and in others. Key Club works with this positive organization to bring awareness to issues within high schools and local communities regarding mental health, such as fear of embarrassment, bullying, and misunderstanding. Project Happiness is essentially an initiative Key Clubs can take to start the conversation about mental health and provide the necessary resources to help accommodate these often unaddressed needs.

So, how can your Key Club get involved? There are many different ways to participate in promoting Project Happiness. For instance, your Key Club could hold a fundraiser or assembly to spread awareness about the cause and fundraise for the project. Another simple way to get in on the project is by posting adhesive notes with positive messages around your school, such as on lockers. You can also contribute to the happiness effort by simply beginning the conversation at your school, opening up to others about your experiences, and promoting the importance of mental health.

Do you want to create a physical difference in millions of children’s lives by supporting their health through research and facilities? The second Partner that will be showcased this month is the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH), which is a nonprofit organization that provides facilities, funding, and treatment for families who cannot afford health care for their children.

How does this impact you? Well, over 10 million children are admitted into CMNH every year, and full treatments and support are given to the children and their families at no cost. This is only made possible through donations from large partners such as Key Club.

By supporting your local CMNH by donating uplifting cards, clothing, toys, or by fundraising, you could save a child’s life in more ways than one.

Be sure to check the blog next month for information about more of Key Club’s Partners and Sponsors!