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Preparing Your Palate for Chicago

Sara Pinkowski

When you imagine the tastes of Chicago, you may immediately think of the authentic deep dish pizza. While this iconic dish is a great representation of the rich flavors of the Windy City, there is an even greater variety of delectable meals that can be found all over the area. When you’re in Chicago with the Carolinas District for our International Convention tour this summer, make sure you grab a snack at these quintessential Chicago landmarks.

Pizzeria Uno

If you’re looking for a cheesy, delicious meal and you have some time on your hands (up to over an hour), look no further than Pizzeria Uno! At this original eating establishment, you can get your hands on an authentic deep dish pizza in about an hour for $25 per large pizza.


Do you love ballpark food? Get ready to take your obsession to the next level with a loaded hot dog from Portillo’s hot dog stands and restaurants. These fan-favorite dogs can be enjoyed for $5-$10 each.


Looking for a taste of home? While Carolina Barbeque is hard to beat, Chicago has taken their own spin on the delicious classic and garnered quite a name for it. At Smoque, you can enjoy the flavors of home, Chicago style for about $10-$15 a meal.

Al's Italian Beef

Chicago is for meat lovers. If you love the taste of beef, try the Italian Beef sandwich at Al’s Italian Beef for the reasonable price of $5.

Sweet Mandy B's

Did you know the chocolate brownie was first baked in Chicago? To celebrate the birthplace of the chocolate brownie, enjoy this sweet dessert at Sweet Mandy B’s in a variety of creative flavors for under $5.