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Joy, Memories, and Spirit: How One Gift Goes Very Far

Sara Pinkowski

Imagine the night before Christmas in your childhood. Recall excitedly donning your favorite Christmas-themed pajamas, hopping in to bed, and falling asleep with extravagant dreams of the glorious morning to come playing vibrantly in your head. Remember the feeling of utter anticipation upon waking, when you burst out of your room and raced down the garland-wrapped stairs and came face-to-face with a glistening Christmas tree standing tall above a landscape of presents. Now, feel the warmth that filled your heart as you recounted on those fond childhood memories shared with family and friends.

For many children, this experience is one which they have never enjoyed. As a result of neglectful and unfortunate situations, many children find themselves waking on Christmas day to not a single gift or token of holiday spirit. While Christmas is not only about gifts, receiving a special present shows children that they are both loved and remembered throughout the holiday season and is a memory they will never forget.

The Carolinas District Project, the Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina, is home to young people from the ages of infant to young adult who may have never been gifted presents of their own before. This situation is where the Carolinas Key Club District finds one of our greatest opportunities to serve each year.

Every holiday season, the Carolinas District collects monetary donations from Key Clubs across North and South Carolina to support the Christmas For Children campaign to provide brand new gifts to the children of the Boys and Girls Homes at Lake Waccamaw. On one special evening in December, the children are presented with their top wish list items. This is a highly anticipated event for the residents of the homes each year, and it can not be done without the support of Key Clubs across the district.

Key Clubs made pledges at Fall Rally in October to provide support to the Christmas for Children Project. If your club participated and made a pledge, be sure to follow up on your pledge! If your club did not pledge a particular amount, you can still contribute to the project! It is easy to conduct a simple hot chocolate sale or other fun winter-themed fundraiser to raise donations for the Boys and Girls Homes.

All donations can be sent to District Administrator J. Scott Johnson at the following address:

Christmas for Children

C/O J. Scott Johnson, Administrator

Carolinas District Key Club

2008 Pinecrest Drive

Greenville, NC 27858

Donations for the project will be collected through the Spring.

Give the gift of a wonderful Christmas this holiday season and open your heart to sharing your blessings with these amazing kids.