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Why Should Your Club Pledge at Fall Rally?

Sara Pinkowski

Last year at Fall Rally, through the generous donations of Key Clubs from across the Carolinas, we raised $7,400 in pledges for the Christmas for Children campaign for our District Project - The Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina at Lake Waccamaw. These pledges went tremendously far in bringing bright smiles to children’s’ faces on Christmas morning at the Boys and Girls Homes. Through your pledges, precious memories were made and Christmas joy was shared among children who may have never had such a blessing during the holidays.

This year, we ask your clubs to come to Fall Rally with the same mission: to pledge to support the Boys and Girls Homes in their efforts to nurture children.

However, the pledges your club will contribute this year have an additional purpose. As a result of the impacts of the recent Hurricane Florence, the Boys and Girls Home is facing an $80,000 deficit to recover from damages. Therefore, your club can choose to contribute to relieving the Homes of this deficit through your pledges this year.

In your clubs’ email confirmation are two pledge forms: one for Christmas for Children, and another for The Hurricane Relief initiative. Your club has the option to pledge to one or both if so inclined. This year, our goal is to raise $10,000 for each initiative. Each dollar your club pledges goes a long way in not only bringing Christmas cheer to children, but also relieving the Homes of their damages.

As we have done in the past, we will also be collecting new school supplies for the Boys and Girls Homes at Fall Rally. Your donations will help these students start off the year strong and confident!

If you have any questions about the pledge drive or school supply drive, contact District Administrator J. Scott Johnson at, Governor Isabelle Salzmann at, or your Lieutenant Governor listed under “District Officers” in the “About Us” tab.