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Connecting With Your Lieutenant Governor


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Connecting With Your Lieutenant Governor

Kyle Ingram

What is a Lieutenant Governor?

If you went to District Convention (DCON) or you read our post about the District Board, you may have heard of Lieutenant Governors before, but you may not know exactly what they do. Lieutenant Governors serve as liaisons between the District level of Key Club and the club level. They are a resource to you and your club, and there are many ways that you can utilize this beneficial relationship! 

How do I connect with my Lieutenant Governor?

The most important thing that you can do to connect with your Lieutenant Governor is to provide them with the contact information for all of the officers in your Key Club. This will allow them to update your club about District events, send newsletters, and answer questions. Your Lieutenant Governor should be working to contact your club, but if you haven't heard anything you can find a list of our District's Lieutenant Governors here with their respective divisions. If you don't know what division your club is in, you can check here.

What can my Lieutenant Governor do for me? 

Lieutenant Governors are trained to be resources to their divisions. Once you share contact information with your Lieutenant Governor, you can open up a line of communication with them for any questions you may have, or if you need assistance with your club. All Lieutenant Governors are required to visit the clubs in their division, so you can invite them to club meetings or even service projects. Lieutenant Governors will also hold regular meetings with club officers to keep them up-to-date on District events and announcements. They will also hold a meeting in fall to train all new club officers on their positions and responsibilities. You can also ask your Lieutenant Governor for help with paying dues, registering for District events, or chartering a new club!