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Highlights from the Winter Mailing


Keep up with the latest news and excitement from around the Carolinas!

Highlights from the Winter Mailing

Cory Carr

This past Friday, the Carolinas District's quarterly mailing was sent off from the post office, which means your club should hopefully be receiving one soon. Be sure to open this as soon as you receive it, for it contains time-sensitive information that will be important to your club as we approach District Convention season.

This mailing contains information on the upcoming District Convention, running for a district office, contests at District Convention, more about the Carolinas District Project, service project ideas, information about the Kiwanis family, and some general club tips for the winter. 

In addition, the winter edition of the Carolinas Blueprint, the Carolinas District's quarterly publication intended for anyone from the general member to club officers and advisors, is contained within the winter mailing. The winter Blueprint can also be found on the Blueprint page or linked here.

If you have any questions about the information in the mailing, do not hesitate to contact your Lieutenant Governor or any of the executive officers on the District Officers page.