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Celebrate Eliminate Week!


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Celebrate Eliminate Week!

Cory Carr

Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) devastates families in 23 countries around the world. When a child is born in unsanitary conditions, it has a chance of contracting MNT, which leads to an excruciatingly painful death for the baby. Mothers can also contract this disease, and when contracted, there is little hope of survival. Every 11 minutes, a baby dies from MNT in one of the 23 countries where it still runs rampant.

Fortunately, MNT is quite preventable. For only $1.80, we can provide the set of three vaccines necessary to protect a mother and all of her future children from this disease. So far, the Kiwanis family has raised over $79 million out of the $110 million necessary to eliminate this disease. Key Club has contributed more than $1 million dollars to this total!

Today, May 4th, marked the first day of Eliminate Week 2015, which will run until May 8th. What will your club do to support the cause? As your club holds fundraisers, tweet pictures of your events to @CarolinaKeyClub to share the impact your club has been making with clubs all across the district! Also consider teaming up with your local Kiwanis club for the Unity Award to double your impact!

We've done a great job of representing Key Club and fighting MNT so far. It's time to finally eliminate this disease!

For more information on the Eliminate Project, please visit the Eliminate Project page.