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Not too Late: Run for a District Office!


Keep up with the latest news and excitement from around the Carolinas!

Not too Late: Run for a District Office!

Anjali Venkat

Are you interesting in trying something new? Do you want a life changing experience? Do you want to make the best friends of your life and make a difference?

Join the Carolinas Key Club District Board! The District Board is comprised of Key Club members in Lieutenant Governor and Executive positions. The Board is responsible for all Key Clubs in our District, all clubs in North and South Carolina, and members serve as liaisons between the Carolinas and Key Club International.

District events, such as Fall Rally and District Convention, are planned and produced by the District Board. Members also organize and plan events for their local clubs to participate in, and they keep all Key Club members up-to-date about Key Club International to ensure that the Carolinas District is prepared and informed.

So what exactly are the district positions? The District Board is comprised of a Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, and about 35 Lieutenant Governors. Below is a description of each.

The District Governor:

The District Governor is the chief executive officer of the District, presiding over all meetings of the District Board and District Convention. The Governor leads the District Board of 40 members, as well as the Executive Committee, and communicates with all members regularly to insure smooth District operations. The Governor gains skills during the year related to time management, organization, professionalism, motivational speaking, and public presentation.

The District Secretary:

The District Secretary keeps all records of the meetings of the District Board and District Convention. The Secretary produces the annual directory of the District, The Carolinas Key. As member of the Executive Committee, the Secretary helps guide the District with decision-making and leadership roles. The Secretary supports the activities of the Governor and assists with all duties related to running the Carolinas District.

The District Treasurer:        

The District Treasurer keeps appropriate records of dues payment by all clubs in the District and is responsible for working to ensure prompt and full payment of all dues by clubs and members. The Treasurer creates and submits reports to the District Board, detailing dues activity. He or she also prepares a system of effective dues-collection monitoring. As member of the Executive Committee, the Treasurer helps guide the District with decision-making and leadership roles.

The District Editor:

The District Editor is responsible for the mass communication efforts of the District, including the District website, which provides valuable and timely information to all members of the Carolinas District. The Editor creates and/or maintains all other media efforts related to the promotion of the Carolinas District, and is involved with all District Publications. As member of the Executive Committee, the Editor helps guide the District with decision-making and leadership roles.

The Divisional Lieutenant Governor:

The Lieutenant Governor is the head officer of a Division, a grouping of several Key Clubs in the Carolinas, and presides over all Divisional conferences and meetings. Lieutenant Governors serve on one or more standing District Committees, as assigned by the Executive Committee, which are responsible for certain tasks throughout a term of office. Each Lt. Governor is responsible for communicating with the club officers in his or her Division, promoting District activities, and providing information to clubs about Key Club International, which often takes the form of a monthly newsletter.

As a general note, all Key Club members are encouraged to run for the Divisional Lieutenant Governor position prior to an Executive Committee position. After a year of experience on the District Board as a Lieutenant Governor, individuals are better prepared to serve on the Executive Board.

There's still time to run! All necessary information is on the Running for District Office page. Election forms are available through a link on the page. 

Executive positions are elected during District Convention, and these offices have forms located in the same elections packet.

For more information on District Board positions, Regional Meetings, and election processes, contact your Lieutenant Governor or visiting the page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your Lieutenant Governor or Governor Cullen at! We hope to see you on the Board this year!