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Trick or Treat for UNICEF Boxes


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Trick or Treat for UNICEF Boxes

Cory Carr

Every year since 1950, UNICEF has held the Trick or Treat for UNICEF event, which traditionally involves children going from door to door asking for change instead of candy to help kids who need more than candy. This year, all of the funds Key Club raises through this project will benefit the Eliminate Project, which is dedicated to eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus from the planet. You can find out more about the Eliminate Project here!

Although you are welcome to fundraise for the Eliminate Project with other projects this month, if you wish to trick or treat, collect change, or give out trick or treat boxes to youths in your area so they can trick or treat for UNICEF, you will need boxes! Your club can receive boxes in one of the following ways:

1. If your club is coming to Fall Rally, you will receive boxes there this Sunday.

2. If your club participated in Trick or Treat for UNICEF last year, your school will automatically be sent boxes.

3. If your club did not participate last year and isn't coming to Fall Rally, you will need to order them through the Kiwanis Store.