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What is District Convention?


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What is District Convention?

Anjali Venkat

Many of you Key Clubbers are probably wondering, what is DCON? Why is my Lieutenant Governor talking about this? Why should I go? These are all very important questions and here are all the answers.

District Convention, commonly known as DCON, is the time of the year where all Carolinas Key Clubbers come together in Durham, North Carolina to learn, meet new friends, elect the next year's leadership and have fun. With dynamic workshops for officers, general members and candidates, the convention provides an opportunity for all to learn and grow as Key Clubbers and leaders. With fun sessions like the Talent Show and the Service Olympics, Key Clubbers are able to express their talents and skills in all sorts of ways. Key Clubbers who also aspire to become strong leaders in their community and on a larger scale can run for Lieutenant Governor or even a District Executive position. The opportunities are endless at District Convention! For just one weekend, this event is packed with great experiences. Be sure that you clear your schedules for the weekend of March 13-15!

Remember to be sure to keep a lookout on the front page for Registration forms! For now, check out the District Convention page for even more information! The Carolinas District hopes to see you there in a couple of months!