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Trick or Treat, smell my feet...

Anjali Venkat

Are you too old for Halloween? No more going door to door for candy bars and lollipops? Key Club has the next best thing! How can you raise money for Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus while celebrating an exciting Halloween? Participate in Trick or Treat for UNICEF! Every key clubber can get a small Trick or Treat box in which they can collect change which will all be donated to UNICEF!

However, trick or treating is not your only option! You can set up several other exciting fundraisers throughout the month of October and the school year to raise money for UNICEF. The Eliminate Project ends in 2015 so you have until next summer to raise as much as you can! Do the Trick or Treat project or other fundraisers like bake sales or car washes to raise money!

So how do you obtain a Trick or Treat box? Ask your Key Club advisor, club officers or your Lieutenant Governor how to participate in this fun yet simple fundraiser! We hope to raise as much as possible as the Carolinas District! Good luck and Happy Halloween!