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Why Should YOU come to Fall Rally?


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Why Should YOU come to Fall Rally?

Anjali Venkat


Fall Rally. Less than $40, this day allows you to enjoy a day at Carowinds and get a taste of Key Club. Why should you go? If you aren't in Key Club yet, you can get a feel for the club and meet more Key Clubbers from North Carolina and South Carolina. If you are already in Key Club, you can do the same and expand your knowledge of how Key Club works! You can get introduced to the District Board and maybe even learn about running for a position! Head over to the Fall Rally page, to learn more about the Event and even Register! Join us on October 12th, 2014 to have a fun-filled day of motivational speakers, food, Key Club and don't forget tons of thrilling rollercoasters all day long! We hope to see you there!