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A Message from Our International President: Anaheim 2014


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A Message from Our International President: Anaheim 2014

Raeford Penny, Key Club International President

Hey Carolinas Key Clubbers!

I am Raeford Penny, the current Key Club International President, whose term is sadly ending in July of this year.  It is my duty as International President to exercise general supervision over the work and activities of Key Club International working alongside the Key Club International Board and staff; and I work hand in hand with our partners as well as the staff of the Eliminate Project. Our duty to make sure that the best opportunities are being given to our members and that our members are giving the maximum service back to our communities.

Now, let’s take a moment to clear our minds…ponder these facts and imagine.  Think, did I enjoy District Convention (DCON), or any other Key Club event?...Do I wish they could have lasted longer?...Did I wish it was warmer outside?...Do you wish you could have meet more people?...Do you wish you could have seen amazing things outside of your hotel window?...Well now let your mind ponder these next few facts.  What if I could say there is another convention?  What if this convention was over twice as long as your DCON?  What if you could meet over 2,000 individuals from all over the world?  What if when you walk outside of your balcony you saw palm trees and Disneyland?  

If you smiled for even one of those reasons then the 71st Annual Key Club International Convention in Anaheim, California is the place to be in early July!  What does this convention entail for each of you?  Well you’ll learn even more strategies for providing a new level of service to your homes, schools, and communities while listening to keynote speaker Chris Bashinelli who you may remember from HBO’s hit The Sopranos.  Currently Chris is the host and producer of PBS’ Bridge the Gap, a show in which he discovers what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes for a day  You will expand your leadership potential, elect next year’s Key Club International Board, and make countless friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Key Club International Convention is a great way to kick start your summer break in style!  Key Club is more than just a convention, it’s more than just the Carolinas District, its more than just service.  Key Club is a way of life and a group of individuals who are from every corner of the globe who share your passion for service, the drive to build their character, and the enthusiastic yearn to lead.

Imagine flying to sunny California where you will be a block away from Disneyland.  Imagine spending the Fourth of July in downtown Disney for their fireworks show.  Imagine the celebrities you will meet, no seriously.  Last time the International Board was in Anaheim we got to meet Bill Nye the Science Guy!  Think about touring Hollywood, walking where your idols have walked.  What about the Hollywood Walk of Fame where you can take a selfie with your favorite celebrity’s star!  Imagine the freedom of having everything from restaurants, to a world famous amusement park, to palm trees all in your hand’s reach.      

Yours in Service     

Raeford Penny
Key Club International President