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Are You Going to Anaheim?


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Are You Going to Anaheim?

Anjali Venkat

Hello International Convention Attendees!

We have an exciting week and a half ahead of us starting July 1st! Plan to be early to your assigned time, whether at Raleigh-Durham International or Greenville-Spartanburg International, and always remain with the group! There are around 70 key clubbers going with us and we do not want to lose anyone! This trip will be thrilling and fun-filled but only if all of us follow the rules! It is also important to know what to pack!

For all of the convention days, you will need business professional and business casual outfits, maybe 3-4. You will also need very business professional clothing for the entertainment/awards and closing sessions. There also dances where you can wear casual attire or dress up to the theme! For the tours and sightseeing, you will need lots of casual and appropriate clothing! Although it is hot outside, you need to dress to impress and always give a good name to the Carolinas District! Also remember bathing suits for the hotel pools and amusement parks! Wear appropriate shoes with your business clothing as well as your casual attire! We recommend tennis shoes for all the walking throughout California cities!

You are allowed two checked-in bags as well as a carry-on for the flight so pack sensibly and remember each checked-in bag can only weigh 50 lbs or less! Leave extra room for souvenirs and other things you may bring back! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

See you soon in Anaheim!

Anjali Venkat
2014-15 District Editor