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Electing New Club Officers


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Electing New Club Officers

Andrea Nolasco, 2014-15 District Secretary

It may not seem like it but electing Officers for the 2014-2015 school year early is very important for your Club, your Lt. Governor, and the District! 

Electing Officers before the end of the school year allows the new Officers to familiarize themselves with their new jobs and start planning for the year ahead. It also is to the benefit of the clubs to elect officers early in order for them to attend District Convention in March. Every year, District Convention offers training modules for Officers and general members and the District strongly recommends that Club Officers attend in order to gain more insight on their job responsibilities and the organization they serve.

Another benefit is that your club can better communicate with the new Lt. Governor assigned to your Division. As you all know, communication is key! It is important for all Key Clubs to communicate with the District through Club Monthly Reports and by attending District events. Don't forget, your Lt. Governors is your club's liaison to the District and beyond! Every year, they work hard to maintain a flow of information from the District to you and from you all to the District. It is precisely for this reason that it is imperative to elect Officers as soon as possible. Lt. Governors need to establish a connection with the new Officers BEFORE the school year ends in June so that in August both the Lt. Governors and new Officers can initiate communication quickly and establish a comfortable method of communication for the rest of the year.

Our members make up our District and we want to help you all succeed and grow to your full potential. Electing Officers early is extremely beneficial to both the District and your Clubs. If you haven't elected Club Officers yet, it's not too late but do not forget to let your Lt. Governors know who is elected!

If you have a question about this process, email District Secretary, Andrea Nolasco, at