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Club Monthly Reports: Why are they so important?


Keep up with the latest news and excitement from around the Carolinas!

Club Monthly Reports: Why are they so important?

Andrea Nolasco, 2014-15 District Secretary

Key Club is the largest student-led service organization in the world! We have had a ton of success in building a community of caring servant leaders and we owe it all to our members, the backbone for our organization.

One way to maintain an active Division and District is to have an open line of communication in which we can monitor progress and establish solutions to problems. By submitting a Club Monthly Report you are maintaining communication with your District and providing us with the information needed to help determine what we can do in order to help you.

Club Monthly Reports provide the District with a first hand supply of communication in which we can analyze the progress of a Club and help determine the best methods of ensuring success for all Key Clubs. 

You can submit a Club Monthly Report by going to the Carolinas Key Club Website and pressing the Club Monthly Report option under the Reports tab. 

We want help your clubs reach the highest level of success but we need your help to do it!

For more information, or to submit your report, please visit the Club Monthly Report page on our website.