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Fundraising 101: Key Club Conventions


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Fundraising 101: Key Club Conventions

Anjali Venkat

Attending International Convention will be one of the most exciting times of your life but there is a cost involved. Luckily, the financial burden doesn't have to fall on only you and your family! There are many ways to fundraise for the Carolinas Key Club International Convention Tour, as well as other Carolinas District events like Kiwanis Family Conference, Fall Rally and, of course, District Convention 2015!

The most effective fundraiser is to ask your sponsoring Kiwanis Club to donate any amount of money possible towards the trip. A fundraising letter is an easy and professional way to request such a donation. Remember to ask politely and indicate how much money you would like for the Kiwanis to donate and that you, yourself, will be putting a substantial amount of money towards the convention. Examples include: "I would like to ask you, X Kiwanis Club to help cover 1/3 of the trip's expenses while my family is paying the other 2/3." Your letter can include examples of how the trip can enrich your Key Club career by mentioning the workshops and sessions at International Convention. Show the Kiwanis Club that you will be able to implement this new knowledge effectively in your own home, school and community. You can even offer to speak at one of their meetings about your experience when you get back! Remember to say that if they cannot afford the entire amount you ask for, then to offer anything they can because any amount will help. Most importantly, don't forget to proofread!Never be scared to ask for help and make use of your local Kiwanis clubs; they are there for you and your clubs!

 Other techniques include fundraising through your club and asking your own Key Club to help fund some of your trip to International Convention. Selling candy, car washes and other fundraisers can help raise smaller amounts of money.

Regardless of what method you use, just know that there are many options to help fund your convention expenses in California and other conventions as well!