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Two for Dues!

Drake Phillips, 2014-15 District Treasurer

Yes, Carolinas District and International Dues are almost here--two days left for your clubs. 

Every new school year, as we are planning and implementing new projects, we also begin the dues process. Now, this process is almost over with December 1st, the final deadline, just around the corner. The reason we as an organization take dues as seriously as we do is because of how important they are at keeping the organization running. Dues are used every year to allow International as well as the Districts to perform various tasks that they could not do otherwise. 

First and foremost, the money is spent directly to benefit clubs and their members. This pertains anywhere from providing resources for newly formed clubs, to sending out various leadership materials from International and general District mailing to keep clubs and members informed, to lastly awarding clubs and members who have gone beyond the call of duty to give them proper recognition and provide beneficial scholarships at conventions. The remainder is used to properly train International and District officers and to promote Key Club to the world by up keeping the websites and making meaningful advertisements. As you can see our dues cover a lot of ground and for $13.50, a member is not only helping their entire organization, but they can also step into the world that has helped us all to learn leadership through the Key Club values and most of all service. 

Now what does your club have to do? First off, most, if not all money should be collected as well as new member information. It is imperative that you follow the next step by logging in to the Membership Update Center. Here, you enter in all new member information as well as remove all the graduated members from the roster. It is important that this is done on the Membership Update Center because it is a direct line to International to keep both on the same page as to how many members you have and how much dues as a club should be sent in. Once all of the information is updated, an invoice needs to be generated which adds up for you the total amount that needs to be sent in as well as the address to where it needs to be sent. Your club should not skip the Membership Update Center step as it very important to keep everyone on the same page and keeping the process running smooth. Lastly, you either send the dues in with a card electronically or mail in a check to the address on the invoice. 

If your club has not done so yet, the time is now to do these final steps. If you have any questions, I am open at any time for questions and your respective lieutenant governor should be as well. Together we can work to finish the dues process and go forward to make this school year great for leadership growth and service!


Drake Phillips