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Connecting With Your Lieutenant Governor

Kyle Ingram

What is a Lieutenant Governor?

If you went to District Convention (DCON) or you read our post about the District Board, you may have heard of Lieutenant Governors before, but you may not know exactly what they do. Lieutenant Governors serve as liaisons between the District level of Key Club and the club level. They are a resource to you and your club, and there are many ways that you can utilize this beneficial relationship! 

How do I connect with my Lieutenant Governor?

The most important thing that you can do to connect with your Lieutenant Governor is to provide them with the contact information for all of the officers in your Key Club. This will allow them to update your club about District events, send newsletters, and answer questions. Your Lieutenant Governor should be working to contact your club, but if you haven't heard anything you can find a list of our District's Lieutenant Governors here with their respective divisions. If you don't know what division your club is in, you can check here.

What can my Lieutenant Governor do for me? 

Lieutenant Governors are trained to be resources to their divisions. Once you share contact information with your Lieutenant Governor, you can open up a line of communication with them for any questions you may have, or if you need assistance with your club. All Lieutenant Governors are required to visit the clubs in their division, so you can invite them to club meetings or even service projects. Lieutenant Governors will also hold regular meetings with club officers to keep them up-to-date on District events and announcements. They will also hold a meeting in fall to train all new club officers on their positions and responsibilities. You can also ask your Lieutenant Governor for help with paying dues, registering for District events, or chartering a new club!  

What Does the District Board Do?

Kyle Ingram

If you came to District Convention (DCON) this year, then you may remember voting for Executive Officers and Lieutenant Governors to represent the District. While we all see the elections at DCON, many people are often still confused about what exactly these officers do. 

Lieutenant Governors

Lieutenant Governors act as liaisons between the District and Key Clubs across the Carolinas. They typically oversee a division of 5-10 Key Clubs within a certain region and serve as a resource to those clubs for any questions or concerns they may have. Lieutenant Governors also hold meetings with the club officers in their divisions and organize division-wide service projects to bring their Key Clubs together. In addition to their responsibilities to their divisions, Lieutenant Governors also serve on the District Board. This means that they work with the other Lieutenant Governors in the District to implement new programs, work with our service partners, and organize events like Fall Rally and District Convention. 

The 2017-2018 Carolinas District Board at the Basic District Leadership Experience

The 2017-2018 Carolinas District Board at the Basic District Leadership Experience

Executive Officers

Executive Officers serve as the leaders of the District Board. They oversee the Lieutenant Governors and carry out specific duties related to their positions. 

The 2017-2018 Carolinas District Key Club Executive Board. (From left to right) Avery Freeman, District Treasurer, Isabelle Salzmann, District Secretary, Katie McNiffe, District Governor, Kyle Ingram, District Editor

The 2017-2018 Carolinas District Key Club Executive Board. (From left to right) Avery Freeman, District Treasurer, Isabelle Salzmann, District Secretary, Katie McNiffe, District Governor, Kyle Ingram, District Editor

District Governor

The District Governor is the head executive of the District. They preside over all meetings and represent the District at all conventions and events. They must ensure that each Lieutenant Governor is fulfilling their duties to their divisions and assist Board members with questions or committee work. 

District Secretary

The District Secretary keeps records of all District Board meetings and conventions. They also produce the annual District directory, known as the Carolinas Key and assist the District Governor and Executive Board with their duties.

District Treasurer

The District Treasurer works to ensure that all Key Clubs pay their required dues by the deadline and keeps records of all dues payment. They also inform the District Board of progress with dues collection and contact suspended or inactive clubs.

District Editor

The District Editor maintains the District Website as well as all social media accounts responsible for communicating on behalf of the District. They also produce the District's quarterly publication, the Carolinas Blueprint, and oversee Lieutenant Governors' newsletter distribution. 

International Convention 2017

Kyle Ingram

This year the Carolinas District will be attending International Convention in the beautiful and historic city of San Antonio, Texas! Not only will we be participating in the biggest gathering of Key Clubbers across the world, but we will also be touring all across the south on our way there and back! With excursions planned in New Orleans, Houston, and Dallas this is a trip you don't want to miss. Remember, registration is due by May 1st so if you're interested you need to act quick! You can fill out the Registration Packet here. 

The Carolinas District Tour

  • We'll start off our tour by visiting the home of the famous Duck Dynasty family in Monroe, Louisiana! 
  • Later, we'll head to see a Texas Rangers v. Boston Red Sox game in Dallas and then see a fireworks show for the 4th of July!
  • The next day, we'll visit the Dealey Plaza and Book Depository Museum where we'll learn about the conspiracy theories surrounding JFK's assassination and see the historic spot where it happened. 
  • After the convention, we'll stop in Houston to tour the Johnson Space Center and then make our way to New Orleans!
  • When we arrive in New Orleans, we'll go on a carriage ghost tour through the streets and visit the French Quarter, Jackson Square, and Cafe Du Monde!

The Convention

The annual Key Club International Convention (ICON) is an amazing event to experience. From International Board elections, to meet-and-greet sessions with Key Clubbers from around the world, ICON is an exciting and educational experience that you're sure to love. We'll spend our time at the convention listening to inspiring motivational speakers, attending informative and helpful workshops, and dancing the night away with our fellow Key Clubbers at both of ICON's annual dances. Whether it be experience, excitement, or entertainment, this convention has it all! 

For more information about ICON visit To register for the convention and Carolinas District Tour fill out the Registration Packet here by May 1st!

We look forward to seeing you there!

District Convention 2017

Kyle Ingram

This year, Key Club members from across the Carolinas District met to celebrate a successful year of service and carry out the business for the coming year. This year we had over 600 attendees at our District Convention to learn about their positions, vote in House of Delegates, and listen to amazing guest speakers such as Evan Wesley from the Thirst Project. In addition to the business of the weekend, attendees were also able to experience an amazing Entertainment Session, talent show, and "Under the Stars" dance!

Attendees at District Convention also carried out the important duty of electing their new Lieutenant Governors and Executive Board! Lieutenant Governors were elected by their divisions and the District Elections Committee. Delegates heard from each candidate for Executive office during caucus sessions and then voted at House of Delegates after hearing another brief speech from each candidate. Below you can find information about each of your newly-elected members of the Carolinas Executive Board! 

Meet Your New Executive Board


District Governor Katie McNiffe

Katie is currently a Junior at Jay M. Robinson High School and has been in Key Club since her freshman year of high school. She originally joined Key Club to find service opportunities, but that is not why she stayed; she continued her journey in Key Club after meeting hundreds of incredible members around the district at Fall Rally her first year; after she saw the joy on the faces of those in her community; after she attended District Convention and saw how amazing and united the district is. This year as Governor, she hopes to give this same feeling to all of the members in the Carolinas District.

District Secretary Isabelle Salzmann


Isabelle is currently a sophomore at Thales Academy, and has been in Key Club since her freshman year, serving as Lieutenant Governor of Division 11c, her sophomore year. When she’s not participating in Key Club events, Isabelle enjoys volunteering at Gigi’s Playhouse, a Down syndrome achievement center in Raleigh, as well as participating in Science Olympiad, fencing, cheerleading, playing piano, reading, and kickboxing. Isabelle’s goals as District Secretary are to ensure that the District Board can easily and efficiently collect contact information, as well as serve as a resource to all members of the Carolinas District to ensure that they can work to reach their potential as servant leaders.

District Treasurer Avery Freeman

Avery on stage.png

Avery is currently a Junior at Thomas Academy in Lake Waccamaw and has been in Key Club since his Freshman year of high school. Besides Key Club, he is on his school's basketball team and is an active member of his student government. In his free time, Avery enjoys running, working out, and watching Criminal Minds or Law and Order. As District Treasurer, he hopes to facilitate a smooth and successful dues process, reduce the number of suspended and inactive clubs in the district, and complete a successful year of service! 

District Editor Kyle Ingram

Profile Pic.jpg

Kyle is currently a Sophomore at Jay M. Robinson High School and has been in Key Club since he started high school. In addition to his involvement in Key Club, Kyle is also an editor for his school newspaper, an intern at a local newspaper, and a member of Spanish National Honors Society. In his free time, he loves to write, spend time with friends, and watch re-runs of Parks and Recreation on Netflix. As District Editor, he plans to improve the website, create quality publications to represent the district, and keep all members informed and excited about Key Club! 

Scholarships for Seniors!

Lindsey Banks

Calling all graduating members of the Carolinas District Key Club... the 2017 scholarship packet has now been released on! 

There will be a total of 4 scholarships awarded, each $1,000. All you have to do is apply, and show the Carolinas District that you have been a dedicated and active Key Club member for at least two years of your high school career.

All seniors are encouraged to apply, so let your club's seniors know of this amazing opportunity as soon as possible! The deadline for applications is March 15, 2017.

Click here for access to the scholarship packet. Good luck, seniors!